About Us

Launching for the first time in 2023, Echoes Film Festival brings a unique cinematic experience to the heart of the Ionian. Inspired by Corfu’s long musical history and the island’s modern-day identity, the Festival is dedicated to music and sound. With respect to the place’s long cultural tradition but with the future in mind, the screening programme covers a wide range of films of all genres by established and upcoming artists. By bringing gems of independent international cinema to an island that once served as a melting pot of cultures, we want to pay tribute to the island’s glorious past while serving as an inspiration for the younger generations. Set in the unique atmosphere of Corfu’s Old Town with the New Venetian Fortress and the picturesque cantounia, the EFF interacts with the surroundings.

Echoes aims to become an annual event that will attract a diverse local and international crowd from Corfu and the surrounding islands. With a cultural multi-space as the Festival’s venue, our vision is that Echoes will act as a meeting point where with cinema as the starting point new ideas and conversations will arise.