Film Info

Film Year: 2023

Film Duration: 6 min

Country: Mexico

Language: English


Leah Zeiger, Alexandra Velasco

Film Category

Best dance video


“Bittersweet” was commissioned by the National Domestic Violence Hotline to premiere at their 25th Anniversary Gala in Washington DC. The piece explores my bittersweet understanding of my survivorship, acknowledging that while becoming a survivor meant so many impossibly hard moments, it also created the person I am today. I like to say that I’m not proud of being a survivor, but I am proud of what being a survivor makes me – someone who is deeply empathetic, curious, and forgiving. Personally, so much of what being a survivor is to me means learning to let go of all of the things I “could have been“, and doing that by deciding to wholeheartedly celebrate and empower the person I am today, a person who was largely shaped by the experiences I had becoming a survivor.