Transparent Black and Iron Rich Red

Film Info

Film Year: 2022

Film Duration: 4 min

Country: Italy

Language: Japanese


Mario Kreill Cirillo, Isabel Emily Wiegand

Film Category

Best Music Video


In a fantasy world where human beings have glowing hearts whose intensity is tuned to the emotions they feel, a young woman is lonely and bored in her room made of clouds. Suddenly she discovers she can create objects out from nothing: a doll, a flower, a guitar, but soon even the objects do not relieve her solitude. Then her imagination creates, unexpectedly, human figures that keep her company. A man, an old woman, a girl. At first the relationship they establish with their creator seems beautiful and fulfilling, but then things go wrong and the illusion vanishes. The woman returns alone, but this time she is determined to enjoy her solitude, and plays and dances to her music.